About Me

Stephen Cannon
e-mail: aiArtificer@SyntheticSapien.com
Software Engineer Master of Science Graduate
Shared Spectrum Company School of IT&E
George Mason University

Research Interests

Bayesian methods, machine learning, game theory, and artificial intelligence in general.


Selected Publications

  • “Analysis of the Relationship between Partially Dynamic Bayesian Network Architecture and Inference Algorithm Effectiveness,” Stephen Cannon, A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Science at George Mason University, 2007 [ pdf ]
  • “Credibility Models,” Charles Twardy, Edward Wright, Stephen Cannon, Masami Takikawa, UAI Applications Workshop 2007, 2007 [ pdf ]
  • “Is It Worth a Hoot? Qualms about OWL for Uncertainty Reasoning,” Mike Pool, Francis Fung, Stephen Cannon, Jeffrey Aikin, W3: Uncertainty Reasoning for the Semantic Web, 2005 [ pdf ]

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